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Grants and Contracts


External Research Funding – total of ~$2M+


Consumer Longitudinal Health Information Needs and Search Behavior. Google Faculty Award. Yan Zhang (PI), Jacek Gwizdka (co-PI). 


Eye-Tracking for Adaptive User Interfaces. Jacek Gwizdka (PI), Funding from Lockheed Martin Corporation. Read more


Relevance Mining and Detection System (REMINDS) Jacek Gwizdka (PI) | Matt Lease (Co-PI) | Luis Revilla (Co-PI), Funded by FCT (Portugal) and UT Austin | Portugal CoLab program


Understanding Consumers’ Quality Evaluation of Online Health Information. Jacek Gwizdka (Co-PI) | Yan Zhang (Co-PI), Funded by UT Austin | Portugal CoLab program


Personalized Complex Data Exploration (PCDE). Jacek Gwizdka (PI) in collaboration with Univeristy of Maryland, Funded by Lockheed Martin Corporation (2017-data analysis continues) Read more


Google Faculty Research Award: “Child-friendly search engine results pages (SERPs): Towards better understanding of Google search results readability by children” | Dania Bilal (PI), Jacek Gwizdka (Co-PI) |Read more


IMLS Career Development Award: “Continuous Assessment of Cognitive Load in Information Seeking” (RE-04-11-0062-11)  Jacek Gwizdka (PI) | total proj.budget: ~$600,000. | Read moreProject website  

  2011-2016 $71,579

Google Faculty Research Award: “Implicit Detection of Relevance Decisions and Affect in Web Search”  Jacek Gwizdka (PI) | Read more  |   PDF     




IMLS research grant: Project: “Personalization of Digital Library Experience”

Nick Belkin (PI), Jacek Gwizdka (Co-PI), Xiangmin Zhang (Co-PI) | proj.budget: $1.5 mln.

  2008-2010 $83,720

HP Technology for Teaching

Project: iThinking – Mobile Tablet Computers for Active Learning. Funded by HP Higher Education Grants Initiative.

Jacek Gwizdka (PI), Claire McInerney (Co-PI)

  2005-2006 $74,374

Communications and Information Technology Ontario and Bell Canada

Project: “Improving User Navigation of Large e-Commerce Web Sites”,  Ian Spence (PI), Mark Chignell (Co-PI), Jacek Gwizdka(Co-PI)

Internal Research Funding – total of ~$304K



Health Information Search Behavior as a Manifestation of Cognitive Impairment: An Eye-Tracking Study. Jacek Gwizdka, Maya Henry and Kavita Radhakrishnan (Co-PIs), Funded by UT Austin VPR Office. LINK


Designing Human-AI Partnerships for Information Search and Evaluation. Matt Lease (PI), Jacek Gwizdka & Talia Stround (Co-PIs). Funded by UT Austin Good Systems.


Real-time Eye-tracking Data Processing and Its Applications  Jacek Gwizdka (PI), funded by Temple Teaching Fellowship
  2015-2016 & 2016-2017


Detecting Periods of Mindless Information Seeking (DeMIS) Jacek Gwizdka (PI), funded by Temple Teaching Fellowship


Learning about Search as Learning (LaSaL) | Jacek Gwizdka (PI), funded by GSLIS Alumni Teaching Fellowship
  2006-2011 $11,022 (total) Rutgers University Research Council grants (4) and SC&I Grants to Get Grants (2), Various Projects, Jacek Gwizdka (PI)